New Release by The Bastages Available at Select Locations

You can purchase a copy of The Bastages new EP, “Pissed Off at the World” at Bull City Records, Offbeat Music and CD Alley in Chapel Hill. The EP will also be available for digital download in a ton of different places like iTunes, Amazon,  and eMusic.


Misbehaved Records

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Always making you think, The Virgo 9’s new “Snake In The Studio EP” has raised some questions. So, I thought I would find out what is really going on and set the record straight.

The Misbehaver: What’s behind the name of the Snake In The Studio EP?

The Virgo 9: We had tracked out a full length. Somewhere between overdubs and mixing, the engineer called me to let me know there was a snake taking up residence in the studio. As a self-proclaimed ophidiophobe, I was mortified and I could not get myself to go back! The snake eventually met with a sword. But, not before we had moved. Despite my fear of snakes, I felt bad for the little guy losing his life that way. It’s just a little homage to the slithering asshole that turned my full length into an EP.

The Misbehaver: So, on the “End of the Road”, was the song inspired by a particular “rock star”?

The Virgo 9: I could get into a world of trouble answering this question. In my mind, it’s about several people. But mostly, a couple of more successful poor, poor, poor Mr. Misunderstoods I met while living in Rugby, England. Though later on while living in NC, it began to suit a few local musicans………….you can really only stretch the gene pool so far! Especially in this incestuous world of music.

The Misbehaver: Based on the CD artwork, someone recently described you as looking like a phoenix coming out of the ashes. To me it looks like you are perched on the ruins of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. What are you sitting on?

The Virgo 9: Ironically, I’m sitting the ruins of an old snake handling church a few hundred feet from my house. There’s a great documentary from the 60’s called “Holy Ghost People” about that very House of Prayer. It had been abandoned and left to rot long ago. When we first moved here, Gavin was fascinated with photographing the garbage inside and what remained of the building. Unfortunately, we stood and watched it burn to the ground last fall.

The Misbehaver: What do you have to say to people who are shocked by the “explicit lyrics” label on iTunes?

The Virgo 9: People are shocked by such things?!? If they find that shocking, I would suggest they leave the house more often or maybe just turn on the news.

The Fuzz and The Fury

I tried to take a break from everything and chill out.  But it is a hot, hot summer, and the call of the feedback and fuzz called me back.  All kinds of stuff going on in Misbehaved land.

The Virgo 9

First, we already ran out of hard copies of The Virgo 9’s “Snake In The Studio EP”.   Gonna be ordering more soon.  If you need it now, then you can download if off of iTunes and Amazon Music. The EP has been described in a recent review as-  “Garage rock meets soul.  If you are going to purchase any song on this EP, then I recommend “Baby Please”.  Vocally, she gives Beth Ditto a run for her money on this one. Soulful vocals meet up with chainsaws that will really put a buzz in your ear.”

Blood Red River

Secondly,  Blood Red River is ready to rumble this summer.  They are playing The Smoking Gun Run, Jaws Fest, Bull City Rumble and The All Day Punk Fest at Volume 11.   They are unstoppable.

Thirdly, I wanna introduce The  Hell No.  A new band comprised of Allen from Blood Red River, Brenna from Brenna and The Blacktones, and Kim T. of PATC and The Mighty Good Ship.  They are playing their first show ever at Local 506 with the samurai-rock band, Fujiyama Roll, and the freak-folk punk Barron.

Holy Rock n’ Roll

A recent discovery in The Virgo 9 camp of a documentary entitled “Holy Ghost People” by Peter Adair has shed an interesting light on the cover art for The Virgo 9’s, “Snake In The Studio EP”. Those cinder blocks are the remains of the snake handlin’, holy rollin’ church featured in the film.  The film is up on youtube in six parts and is definitely worth viewing.

Snake In The Studio Available Now

Snake In The Studio E.P.

The Virgo 9’s new EP, Snake In The Studio, is now available for digital download on iTunes.  Buy it now!


The Misbehaver

Helping Out A Friend In Need

Saturday is the big party and benefit for Chris Pope.   Chris is the bass player for Blood Red River.  Several months ago, Chris was diagnosed with leukemia.   His diagnosis was preceded by a recent lay off from his job due to an economy that was in the toilet.  Chris has been battling the cancer and winning, but is still having to receive arsenic treatments.   With no health insurance and no job,  Chris could really use your help.

Friends of Chris have been writing me.  They have told me that they cannot make it out to the show this weekend, but they would like to donate regardless.  I have created a paypal account to go towards Chris.  You can send donations to  Any amount is welcome.

Hope to see some of you at the show at The Pinhook.


The Misbehaver.

Snake In The Studio

Snake In The Studio E.P.

June 5th you can pick up a copy of The Virgo 9’s new E.P., “Snake In The Studio”.  Recorded here in Durham, NC by Allen Norris of Blood Red River.  Proceeds from the sale of E.P. will go to benefit Chris Pope and help him in the battle against cancer.  Soon it will also be available for download digitally.  We will keep you posted when it hits all those digital outlets.


The Misbehaver


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